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E-Ummah (ই-উম্মাহ)

A complete Islamic life support system , Enrich your experience with E-Ummah.

Click here for install from playstore.

Embrace your faith with E-Ummah, your all-in-one Islamic companion.

Key Features:

Prayer Times & Adhan: Stay informed with accurate prayer times based on your location and receive timely adhan notifications (calls to prayer).

Qibla Finder: Easily locate the direction of Qibla with our reliable compass for focused prayer.

Zakat Calculator: Calculate your Zakat obligation effortlessly with our user-friendly calculator.

Hajj Guide: Gain valuable insights and guidance on performing Hajj with comprehensive information and step-by-step instructions.

Daily Duas & Morning/Evening Prayers: Access a collection of essential Duas (supplications) for various occasions and access daily evening and morning prayers conveniently.

Islamic & Gregorian Calendar: Navigate seamlessly with our integrated Islamic Hijri calendar alongside the English calendar for a holistic view.
Holy Quran: Recite the complete Holy Quran within the app for a profound religious experience.

Tasbih Counter: Keep track of your Dhikr (remembrance of Allah) with our intuitive tasbih counter featuring a tap function for ease of use.

99 Names of Allah: Explore and learn the beautiful 99 Names of Allah with their meanings and significance.

Download E-Ummah today and embark on a journey of deeper faith and connection.

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